Medical Marijuana Florida

From our offices in Weston, Florida our Medical Marijuana lawyers offer a assistance to individuals and businesses looking to enter the Medical Marijuana field in locations that Medical Marijuana are approved.

By this time everyone knows how that Medical Marijuana will be a big industry in Florida now that it is approved for medicinal use in the state. A Miami Herald report states that by 2018, medical marijuana users will spend nearly $200 million in Florida. That means huge opportunities for people that position themselves strategically to take advantage of this bourgeoning industry.

When starting a medical marijuana business, there are many factors that have to be taken into account. There are criminal, civil, banking, taxes (IRS), and zoning regulations that need to be followed to be in full compliance of the law. Many times even if all considerations are taken into account, problems arise. Medical Marijuana businesses are growing incredibly, not only dispensaries and grow operations, but also the wide array of ancillary businesses, such as testing and certification facilities, consumer products such as Vapes and other delivery systems, as well as mobile apps and other technology startups. In our estimation this is the ground floor, the starting point of a huge industry that will keep growing for decades.

Medical Marijuana in Florida is such an attractive industry. When you compare it with other states like Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Florida's population is a lot bigger. In addition, Florida has a huge number of tourists visiting the state every year. When you count the residence plus the visitors you could see that there will be a huge need for dispensaries and the grow operations that provide the cannabis for these outlets. When you add the growing retiree population that calls Florida home you can see that demand will be immense. This last sector, the retirees and aging americans have or will have medical needs that Cannabis or Medical Marijuana will alleviate. There are hundreds of doctors that have already applied and are certified to prescribe medical cannabis/ medical marijuana to their patients. So it is easy to see how big Medical Marijuana will be in Florida.

Our offices in Weston, Florida allow us to effectively serve all of Broward county, Miami-Dade as well as Collier County and the West Coast of Florida.One of the things we stress at the Law Offices of Zorrilla & Silvestrini, PA is building relatioships with local professionals, such as doctors, accountants, banks, farmers, surveyors and real estate professionals that will be helpful down the line when you start your business.

Our Weston Medical Marijuana Lawyers will help you assess what legal issues may arise, what business opportunities exists, what will be your needs once in production and how best to address them. Weston residents looking for opportunities to invest in or to open their own medical marijuana businesses can make an appointment with one of our attorneys to sit down and discuss the opportunities that are currently emerging in this lucrative and bourgeoning field. Currently our Weston Medical Marijuana Lawyers advise people on state regulations in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Puerto Rico and Florida. Call now to start building your medical marijuana business (dispensary/grow operation) today.