Practice Areas

Family Law

Our Family Law division represents clients in all facets of their divorce, child cusotdy or child support cases. We represent clients in Puerto Rico, as well as in all of the State of Florida. We see stand alone cases in Florida as well as cases that are solely based in Puerto Rico. But most importantly we have 10 years of helping clients with cases that involve Florida and Puerto Rico at the same time. We are uniquely positioned in Divorce Cases as well as custody or timesharing cases involving both jurisdictions.

Puerto Rico Law

Our Puerto Rico lawyers, help clients with their Puerto Rico Real Estate cases, Inheritance or Probate law cases and their Puerto Rico Divorce and child support cases. Additionally, we have a group that focuses on birth certificate problems and change of name petitions in Puerto Rico. (wrong name on the birth certificate, wrong date of birth and other mistakes on Puerto Rico birth certificate cases)

Probate & Estate Planning

Are Probate and Estate Planning lawyers represent clients in Florida and in Puerto Rico with Wills, inheritance and probate matters as well as Real Estate issues when a parent or family member dies and has property in Puerto Rico.


From our Weston, Florida offices our Florida Business Lawyers represent businesses and business owners with their legal needs. We in drafting corporate documents, such as incorporation of LLC's and S Corporations in Florida, drafting bylaws and operating agreements, corporate resolutions as well as assisting clients with commercial lease negotiations and other business law matters.

Asset Protection

The Law Offices of Zorrilla & Silvestrini, helps business owners protect their businessss from frivolous lawsuits as well as protect themselves from over aggressive lawyers who are looking to sieze assets and attach properties. We assist clients in protecting the money they have worked hard for from being needlessly exposed.