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Asset Protection

A major part of what we do here at Zorrilla & Silvestrini is protect the assets and wealth of individuals who don’t want to expose themselves to the perils of litigation; unfavorable judgments, garnishment, attachment and execution of their property and assets.

There are many tools available for people that want to protect themselves and their loved ones from this situation. A lawsuit can happen in an instant, a wrong turn somewhere or backing out of a driveway, trying to get out of a lease, or change jobs. It is closer than many think. To protect your assets now, will save you heartache later and quite possibly an enormous amount of money in attorney’s fees. You will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are as protected as you can be and you did it at a fraction of what it would cost if you were exposed in a lawsuit.

Doctors, lawyers, business owners, corporate executives, banking executives, investment bankers, stock brokers are some of the people that are most vulnerable. Anyone that has anything of value in their lives, such as a home, a bank account, a vacation home, a car, stocks, bonds, investments and other assets can be exposed.

The idea is to take advantage of the legal tools that are available right now in order to protect your wealth, property and other assets from creditors. To do this now before something happens, is a very effective way of protecting your life’s work. Even if something has happened and you are at risk now, there are ways to safely and legally protect yourself so you are better off in the end.

To better understand it, Asset Protection derives out of debtor- creditor case law and statutes. These facilitate certain techniques that help shield assets (without concealing them, or fraudulently transferring them or without evading taxation) of businesses and individuals from lawsuits, judgments and money awards. We don’t go into specific details of what techniques we use because each client is different and the methods and techniques are reserved only for our clients. We counsel and advise them on better practices and, in many cases, we walk them through every step of the way in order to achieve maximum protection. Every case is different and every case has its own nuances, but they all have one goal, to minimize exposure to civil judgments and to help protect your livelihood.


You went to Medical School, you did your residency, you passed your boards, and now you have your own practice. As you know, malpractice attorney’s are ready to attack at a moments notice for any perceived deviation in treatment. You get that first summons, you are now in court, at their mercy. Your are thinking of your home, your bank account, your life savings could be at risk. Your attorney, maybe advises you to settle for less now, rather than paying a huge judgment later. You feel you did nothing wrong, but now have to consider the economics of settling. Would your decision be different if you knew your belongings were safe? Would you change your mind if you knew your home, your 401k, your stocks, your bonds, your investments were safe? Planning ahead, practicing asset protection now before you are involved in a suit, will give you that peace of mind. It would be reckless not to protect yourself and your assets from frivolous lawsuits. Our Asset Protection attorneys will help doctors insulate their assets as much as possible so they can rest easy and go on about the business of helping patients get better.

Business Owners

You have built your business up from the ground up, you have accumulated assets that you want to protect. You are afraid that someone can come after you personally for the actions taken by your business. This is what is called Piercing the Corporate veil. It is where they come after you personally, and your assets for transactions and deals done through your business. Now your business assets are at risk as well as your personal assets. The number one method of creditors is to try and go after your personal assets in this way. For example, you entered into a contract. It might work well for awhile, but then the relationship sours. The inevitable lawsuit follows. Now, they are deposing you to find out how they are going to collect. They are asking you about banks, about property, about other holdings and interests that you own. This is to find out if they can get paid or not. To protect against this, you need to act swiftly now to get your assets in order so they can withstand an attack like this. Many people use the word “judgment proof”, but in reality what you are doing is protecting your assets so a creditor will have a very hard time collecting against you and your assets. When they discover that you have had extensive asset protection or estate planning, then they are more likely to be discouraged and will desist in pursuing the matter fully, based on the knowledge that you are protected. That is why it is so important to have our Asset protection lawyers work with you, to protect yourself from these types of scenarios.

Investment and Banking Professionals:

You work in a high stress environment. Your daily transactions involve millions of dollars. Sometimes decisions turn out badly. Sometimes you are not the decision maker on the team, but you are worried that somehow you could be blamed. In another scenario, maybe you are looking to make a lateral move and leave your current company or investment house for a better opportunity but you are subject to an employment contract that binds you. Now you are involved in a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) arbitration. The case becomes more difficult by the second. You are wondering about your liability, you are wondering about your assets and how they are exposed. If you are in the banking or financial industry, you need to protect yourself from these variables. You need to insulate your assets and your property from claims that would endanger all you own. Why be exposed in this way? Why not protect your assets today so you can sleep well at night knowing that you did everything legally available to you to protect your livelihood and that of your loved ones. Our asset protection attorneys can help you today so can rest easy today, tomorrow and in the future.

Call us today at (800) 514-4542 to talk to our asset protection attorneys to start working on safeguarding your future.

Client Reviews
I highly recommended Law office of Zorrilla and Silvestrini, they are always there for you. They help me in the most difficult moment. Excellent service and very professional team. I will always be grateful for everything they did for my and my family. Rosalynn R.
After having several bad experiences with different attorneys, from never having a call returned, to having the opposite outcome of what was promised, I was fortunate to find them. I had a stress free experience, having a positive outcome after being told by at least 3 attorneys (and paying for it) that I didn't have a case. I STRONGLY recommend them! Juanita R.