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At the Law Offices of Zorrilla & Silvestrini, we represent businesses, organizations, and individuals with their commercial and corporate needs in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our business lawyers will work with you from the startup phase, to expansion and growth. We’ll help you protect your business. As your Miami/ Fort Lauderdale business lawyers, Zorrilla & Silvestrini, PA work with you every step of the way to help your business come out ahead.

We can help you choose which legal entity is best for your. Choosing the right entity will help you run your business more efficiently and raise the capital you need to operate and grow. Additionally, the right entity will protect your personal assets from corporate creditors. (Examples of entities that might work for you are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnerships LLCs or limited liability companies, general corporations or S Corporations). To further protect your business, we will advice on other possible complications, such as shareholder or member disputes, divorce, or even the death of a member, shareholder or director.

Our firm also helps small to midsize businesses in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Weston areas with the following: contract drafting & negotiations, business formation & compliance, and trademark & copyright protection, employment disputes, employee matters, and collections of outstanding debts.


The right contract will protect your business from frivolous claims and disputes, from protracted litigation, and will help you get paid faster. This will, in turn, save you money. Having the right contract will clarify business relationships and will avoid ambiguities that may turn into disputes later on. For example, having the right business lawyer draft a proper venue clause will help you avoid unnecessary travel to another state to resolve a dispute. In addition, having the right contract may allow you to have priority when receiving payment. Our Miami/ Fort Lauderdale business lawyers will help you draft, negotiate and execute the contract that best suits your businesses needs.


The main goal of a business or a corporation is to make a profit, to earn money by providing a product or a service. What happens if you provide that product or service but you don’t get paid? Our Collection attorney’s will help you collect what you’re owed, in a cost efficient and expedited manner. That way your business can focus on what it does best, produce and serve.

Trademark and Copyright:

If your business manufactures a product or provides a service, you undoubtedly will need to protect your business’ identity. We help your business register, maintain and protect its trademark. If you are a producer, promoter, artist, writer or musician, our entertainment and copyright lawyers will help you protect your hard work.

Corporate Law:

For corporate governance matters, our Miami/ Fort Lauderdale corporate lawyers will help you decide on how to use equity to raise capital or to offer shares to keep key personnel or attract new talent to your company. We will help you emit the necessary shares or interests to properly utilize your corporate structure to the fullest. We will help you take care of corporate bylaws, corporate minutes and meetings, and will help you keep your corporate books in order.

Business Immigration:

In this global market, companies need to expand and grow. Many times, this expansion comes in the manner of opening, investing or creating a new business in the United States. Expansion may also mean the transfer of key personnel from a foreign company to the United States. It could also mean investing in the United States from China, India, South American and Europe in order to receive legal permanent residence or green card status in the United States. Our Business Immigration lawyers will help you select the right visas to bring your foreign workers into your company from abroad. We will work with you on your investment strategies so you get what you want out of this new expansion or opportunity. Our Business Immigration lawyers will advice you of all your available options such as L visas for intra company transferees, E visas for investors or traders, and EB-5 visas for investor green cards. Our firm will also advice you of immigration compliance matters when acquiring a company which has foreign workers.

As you can see, our goal here at the Law Offices of Zorrilla & Silvestrini is to help you with all your business needs. For that reason, we offer a wide array of services such as:

  • Contracts and contract negotiations
  • Business Formation: selecting an entity (limited liability companies (LLCs), corporation, DBA, partnerships)
  • Trademarks, Trade Dress, Trade secrets and Copyright
  • Dissolution and winding down your business
  • LLC operating agreements and shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements, joint venture agreements
  • Licensing
  • Business Immigration and corporate compliance Business plans.
  • Real estate matters including real estate contracts and leases

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I highly recommended Law office of Zorrilla and Silvestrini, they are always there for you. They help me in the most difficult moment. Excellent service and very professional team. I will always be grateful for everything they did for my and my family. Rosalynn R.
After having several bad experiences with different attorneys, from never having a call returned, to having the opposite outcome of what was promised, I was fortunate to find them. I had a stress free experience, having a positive outcome after being told by at least 3 attorneys (and paying for it) that I didn't have a case. I STRONGLY recommend them! Juanita R.